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by on May 30, 2014 updated July 4, 2014

2014 NFL tickets are looming on the horizon. As usual at this stage of the season, NFL fans are packing into camps to watch OTA’s, anticipating the beginning of regular training camps with a complete roster, and anticipating the impact of NFL rookies and free agent pickups.


NFL Football Tickets


 Some quick hits around the NFL.

 The Cleveland Browns are experiencing the best and worst of the speculation. The arrival of Johnny Manziel, the most watched NFL rookie in years, has Browns fans divided and speculation running rampant. Can Manziel take the NFL by storm? Can he win a starting job? Is he going to be a boom or a bust. The answer may be further away than we think. Manziel has been tagged by Cleveland as a backup, way behind Brian Hoyer. Expect Manziel to get a shot at winning the job but nothing will be handed to him. Meanwhile, Josh Gordon, already in the doghouse because of alleged testing problems, was tagged for speeding. And the Browns beat goes on.

The San Francisco 49ers, who played in a Super Bowl two season ago, are having to do some strong evaluations to their roster. Quarterback Colin Kaepernick, wide receiver Michael Crabstreet, and Tight End Vernon Davis, are all expecting new contracts. That’s life in the NFL and it’s the kind of situation that generally tends to weaken strong Super Bowl contenders. How these contracts are handled will determine the course of the 49ers season.

With Eli Manning seemingly healthy, Josh Freeman was expendable and the New York Giants released the former Bucs and Vikings quarterback.

The Washington Redskins, with a new coach and new players, are still fighting an old battle. The Redskins are once again taking heavy heat for their name from all quarters. Sooner or later, Washington is going to have to do something, like change their name just to shut people up.

The New Orleans Saints, trying to build an elite defense to pair with Drew Brees and an elite offense, signed free agent safety Jarius Byrd on the first day of free agency. Byrd underwent back surgery yesterday. Reports are that the surgery was minor and recovery will be quick. Management says the surgery was elective, not necessary, and that having it done now will eliminate the problems and Byrd will be back in time for training camp.



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