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by on December 13, 2012 updated December 13, 2012


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Paul Taiglabue threw a wrench in the Roger G domination of the world evil plot this week by cancelling suspensions on Saints players caught up in the Bountygate scandal. “Curses, foiled again!” said Roger G.

The decision does bring up the chance that Sean Payton may be allowed to come back early. Maybe, but not likely sins Tags said coaches were heavily implicated in both the scheme and coverup.

The Cincinnati Bengals vs Philadelphia Eagles game set for Thursday night is a contest between a stalled train and an immobile asteroid. neither team is going anywhere. Unless you like watching NFL football games featuring two teams with nothing to lose, which I admit sometimes play out well, then watch reruns of Charles in Charge.

There’s a good chance that RG3 could play this week despite suffering a knee injury. Of course that’s coming from Griffin. Reports are that he’s practicing well and I’d be surprised to see him on the sidelines.

(Total Disclosure) I hate Pete Carroll. His behavior in abandoning USC to their fate while skipping to the NFL is so reprehensible that I can’t stand to see him win at anything. However, giving credit where credit is due, his Seattle Seahawks are playing well and look to be in the post-season picture and even have an outside shot of winning the NFC West.

In order to avoid a complete collapse the Atlanta Falcons have to play well against the New York Giants this week. Atlanta is on the verge of losing not only the #1 seed but all momentum.

Finally, Roger Goodell said the other day that the NFL may be expanding the playoffs. Not a good idea. Putting half the NFL into the postseason is just watering things down. I know, I know, a Wild Card team won the Super Bowl last season. But still.

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