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by on October 30, 2012 updated October 30, 2012


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The NFL season is in full swing and there are some surprising things going on. To begin with we can take a look around the league and see some NFL teams who aren’t where they’re supposed to be in terms of ranking. While it’s a little beyond me to assign a power ranking to every team, I and thousands of other NFL ticket holders watch things pretty closely and I’ve got to say I’m seeing some pretty startling stuff.

To begin with, have we ever witness the downfall of a defense like we have with the New Orleans Saints? Now, New Orleans wasn’t a powerhouse defense last season but it wasn’t too long ago that the Saints defense could at least contribute to some wins. They’re nothing but a liability now. New Orleans should go for it on every fourth down.

How about the Cowboys? Dallas, once again considered a Super Bowl contender, is in the pits of the AFC East, salvaged only by the Philadelphia Eagles. Seriously, when are NFL prediction people going to get over their love affair with the Cowboys?

The NFC North is topsy turvy. The one-loss Bears are on top and the three-loss Packers are in 3rd place. The biggest surprise is the Minnesota Vikings holding on to the two spot.

The Atlanta Falcons are the only undefeated team left in the NFL. While the Falcons look to have an easy cruise to the postseason, NFL ticket holders are waiting to see if the Falcons……can win a playoff game.

At 4-3 the Denver Broncos aren’t exactly tearing things up but there signs that things are starting to jell. Peyton Manning and the offense have started to click and the Broncos defense completely shut down a usually effective Saints offense.

The Houston Texans should run away with the AFC North, not really surprising since they were a very good NFL team last season. I am surprised at the Colts being in second place though.

I’m also a little surprised that the Miami Dolphins are a mere one game away from the AFC East leading New England Patriots. We’ll see how things play out if they’ve lost their quarterback for any appreciable length of time.




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