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by on February 19, 2014 updated February 19, 2014

Here’s a rambling, gambling, gumbo of thoughts about the NFL.


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┬áNew Orleans Saints – The Saints may be better off if they can get two #1 picks for Jimmy Graham and it pains me to say that. Graham is a beast when he’s on. But he was shut down several times this season and may not be as injury free as anyone would like. Tough decision but you also have to figure in the salary cap. Brees and Graham may not both fit.

Johnny Manziel – Franchise Savior or NFL bust? As always, manziel benefited from being on a talented college football team. He did some amazing stuff though. So did Tim Tebow. Why the college game doesn’t always translate is a mystery to me. But rest assured some NFL team will overpay Manziel and take the chance.

St Louis Rams – The Rams have to make a decision on Sam Bradford. I believe they’ll keep him and here’s why. With two 1st Round picks, St Louis can get him some quality talent on that side of the ball. Given the weapons, Bradford could blossom. If he doesn’t, it’s time to dump him.

Kansas City Chiefs – The miracle that was the resurrection in Kansas City now enters a more difficult phase. Maintaining excellence. The Chiefs have all the pieces in place but still need improvement in some areas and more depth.

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