NFL News – Struggling Eagles Make Changes

by on October 16, 2012 updated October 16, 2012

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Eagles helmet¬†Philadelphia Eagles ticket holders haven’t been getting what they think they’re paying for. And when that happens, when an NFL franchise with real talent isn’t winning, heads are going to roll. In this case the Philadelphia Eagles have taken a familiar road and fired Defensive Coordinator Juan Castillo. Coordinator duties will be assumed by Todd Bowles, who’s been assigned to the secondary prior to today.

The Eagles, currently residing in second place in the NFC East, are responding to a 1-3 slump after a 2-0 start. Obviously they’ve got some work to do. Losses to Arizona, Pittsburgh, and the Detroit Lions appear to have exposed some weakness on the defensive side of the ball. Or have they? Let’s face it, the Philadelphia Eagles aren’t exactly rank when it comes to defense. Right now they’re a shade away from being a Top 10 defense at #12. Certainly they haven’t been as dominant as their talent would indicate but they haven’t been slouches either.

In my opinion this is a knee jerk reaction to the overtime loss in Detroit, where Philly had a decent 10-point lead as late as six minutes from the final gun.Andy Reid had to make a move. His credibility is going down the tubes. Do we really believe that a guy who’s been putting a good NFL defense on the field for years suddenly can’t coach? Maybe Reid is sending a message that no job is secure at this point but if that’s the case then Michael Vick should be packing his bags.

The funny thing is, the Eagles aren’t out of this by any stretch of the imagination. They’re one game out of a tie for 1st place with 10 games to go. If Philadelphia feels like they need to right their ship they might be better served by concentrating on cutting down turnovers, which is the opposite side of the ball than the one Castillo coached.

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