NFL News -Seattle Nabs Harvin – 49ers Snag Boldin

by on March 12, 2013 updated March 12, 2013


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It seems to me that the NFC West was recently called the NFC Worst but I do believe that’s a situation that’s changing pretty rapidly now. The San Francisco 49ers went all the way to the Super Bowl. The Seattle Seahawks were just a game away from there. That’s two teams from the NFC West riding a wave of new quarterbacking and great defense. Each has taken steps in recent days to make their teams stronger.

While nothing is official just yet it looks like the San Francisco 49ers made the move to strengthen their receiver corp by making a trade with the Baltimore Ravens to pick up Anquaun Boldin. Their NFC West neighbors made what in my mind is an even bolder move by trading for Percy Harvin from the Minnesota Vikings. Harvin is a dangerous man when he’s on the field. Even Adrian Peterson was shocked calling Harvin “The best player I ever seen or you’ll ever see.”

That’s a pretty strong statement coming from what may be the best running back we’ll see for years but there’s no doubt that Harvin has been a productive player. Coupled with the new offense in Seattle, Harvin make the Seahawks attack even more dangerous. His versatility is a key component of his game. Before he was injured last season he was leading the NFL in total yards of offense.

The 49ers picking up Boldin is not quite the move made by their friends in Seattle but it still indicates and intent to give Kaepernick more weapons. Bolding was a key element in the Ravens march to the Super Bowl and his experience should help the younger players on the squad. The NFC West has made a major turnaround in two season. The rest of the NFC has been put on notice.

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