NFL News – New QB’s Step Up (And an Old One)

by on August 21, 2012 updated August 21, 2012


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The NFL is a kind of an anvil that will make you or break you. Right now there are some young QB’s, and one old one, lining up to be either forged or broken on that anvil.

In Indianapolis you’ll find Andrew Luck taking snaps as the staring quarterback for the Colts. Not that this was unexpected. Luck has been hyped as the second coming of Manning ever since the 2011 NFL season ended. To this point he’s done nothing that would cause anyone to hesitate in throwing him into the lineup and rolling with it. Of course, this is the pre-season. But I do like the idea of putting the talented rookie out there and taking your lumps right away. You can’t expect him to develop quickly by sitting on the sidelines and you’ve paid too much not to have him play. Buy the ticket take the ride.

The Miami Dolphins are also planning on putting a young unproven rookie out on the field and they’re taking a much bigger risk with Ryan Tannehill, an 8th Round Draft pick. Honestly, this is half head scratcher and half “Might as well” thinking. The Dolphins need some kind of karma changing event. Tannehill is another fresh start to a franchise that has seen more starting quarterbacks than any other NFL team. Does he have a superb record in college? No. Tannehill was on the field as a quarterback for only 19 games and he threw an interception in almost 80% of those games. he wasn’t very successful playing against top tier competition. What’s he got to justify an NFL starting position. Well, he’s big anyway. He’s supposed to be smart, and he’s got a strong and accurate arm. We’ll see.

Finally, the Denver Broncos rolled the farm on a guy who needs no hype, Peyton Manning. But did they get the old Peyton Manning or some morphed out version. Tossing aside his injuries for a moment, Manning has been playing pro football for over a dozen years. Time takes it’s toll. Factor in three surgeries in the last year and it makes things a little nervous. he hasn’t had a great pre-season either. But the again this is Peyton Manning and where he’s concerned you’d be foolish to count him out.


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