NFL News – Jackson Cut, Jones-Drew traded, and More Playoff Games

by on March 28, 2014 updated March 28, 2014

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The Philadelphia Eagles have cut DeSean Jackson in a move that seems to stem more from off-field concerns than on-field action. Jackson excelled last season, in fact he had a career year. The problem is that reports have been out there that Jackson has some shady connections to street gangs. The Eagles aren’t taking any chances. But some NFL team will. Jackson is a proven receiver and he’ll land in a good spot.

There’s also news that the Oakland Raiders will be trading for Maurice Jones-Drew, lately of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jones-Drew was once a beast but his output for the last two seasons has been reduced due to injury. Jones-Drew could help revive an anemic running game hampered by injuries to Darren McFadden.

This is scary. Jon Gruden says that Johnny Manziel reminds him of Steve Young. No player in the draft has garnered more attention or been the subject of more divided opinion that JOhnny Football. The guy is going to be either a beast or a bust. Take your pick. Draft experts have him going anywhere from #1 to second day.

Finally, Jim Irsay was carrying $29,000.00 when he was arrested a few weeks ago. Who carries that kind of money? Apparently a guy who owns an NFL team uses that for pocket change.


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