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by on February 21, 2014 updated February 21, 2014

 The NFL Combine is beginning and every NFL team out there will be looking at not only the solid prospects but at finding that diamond in the rough that could provide a franchise altering spark down the line. It’s like shopping at Macy’s for football. Some prospects will pay off, some will peter out. The great guessing game, educated though it will be, is always like a trip to Vegas where the roll of the dice can bring happiness or beartbreak.


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 One of the key players right now is obviously Johnny Manziel. The former A&M quarterback is creating intense speculation and divided opinions. Is he the next great NFL rookie or a college football phenom whose talents won’t translate into the NFL game. Manziel is short for an NFL quarterback, measuring just under six feet on the tape. Some say, like Drew Brees, this won’t matter. Others view it as a major liability. Manziel has made no bones about wanting to be the first pick in the NFL draft and the Houston texans are looking for a quarterback. But the trade bait is dangling.

 There are tons of NFL teams at the top of the draft who may be willing to make a move to snag him. The Jacksonville Jaguars are certainly ineterested in a gunslinger, as well as the Oakland Raiders, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Minnesota Vikings. Manziel has plenty of possibilities and some NFL team will grab him in the top five more than likely, but he does carry some risk and his presence would demand almost immediate starter status. With plenty of other likely prospects on the board, some teams will skip the meadia circus and pick a quarterback that more in line with the NFL mold. But Manziel is a Wild Card that could provide plenty of punch in the right system.

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