NFL News – Broncos Sink Chargers With Huge Comeback

by on October 16, 2012 updated April 30, 2014

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Broncos Huge Rebound Downs Chargers




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Hey, when you’re team is leading by 24 points at halftime you’re probably OK to take your foot off the gas, right? Obviously you’re dominating the other team and the win is locked down, right? Not so in the NFL.Not so when you’re playing Peyton manning anyway. The Broncos quarterback added another tale to his legend this weekend and he did it on Monday Night Football, by leading his Broncos on a 35 point scoring spree to overtake the San Diego Chargers.

The win sets the Broncos up on top of the AFC West and further demoralizes a San Diego Chargers team that just doesn’t seem to have a knack for winning big games, Which this was. The Chargers blew a three touchdown plus lead in a game that would have given them sole possession of the AFC West lead and a tiebreaker with a division opponent. Now they’re tied at 3-3 and have to battle back should that game come into play when the season nears its’ end.

Of course it wasn’t all Manning. But he did throw three touchdown passes in the second half. The Broncos defense also stepped up their game with a pair of interceptions they turned into touchdowns. Overall the Chargers gave up six turnovers in a game they could have easily socked away by early in the third quarter.

But I’m not surprised. I’m not a big detractor of San Diego, they’ve got some good talent and should win their share of NFL games. I do think a coaching change is in the offing though and I’ve been calling it for years now. Check back on this blog and you’ll find my take on the Chargers problems right here. Or here.

As you can see, Norv Turner isn’t high on my list of NFL coaches destined for head coaching success. It may be time for the Chargers to make a change. As for the Denver Broncos, this win may serve to rejuvenate a team that’s probably a little disappointed in a 3-3 start, but does have the type of quarterbacking that could lead to good things down the line ala post-season.

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