NFL News _ A Twisted World and a World of Twists

by on May 20, 2008 updated April 19, 2014

 Hot on the heels of the latest NFL News:

There are rumbles of discontent in the world of pro football. NFL owners are discussing dumping the labor agreement, a move that could force the hand of the NFLPA and potentially spark a strike down the line. There’s nothing mre entertaining than when millionaires squabble over a buck. Meanwhile, word is that New England Patriots staff has secretly taped the owners walkthrough of their strike defense.

 Does the name DeBartolo ring a bell? Hark back to the glory days of the San Francisco 49ers and multiple Super Bowl rings. Fast Eddie is apparantly harboring thoughts of a return to ownership. The price tag of the St. Louis Rams? Upwards of $800 million. That ain’t no burger franchise.

The Cincinnatti Bengals abandoned their rehab program by cutting LB Odell Thurman. Given that the Bengals also released Chris Henry, could this mean that the Cincinnatti Home for Wayward Boys is in danger of crumbling?

Mike Holmgren has one foot out the door. Jim Mora is behind him, a lame duck who hasn’t yet held office. Shaun Alexander is history. Who are these Seahawks and what terrible fate awaits them in 2008?

Can the folks in Lambeau Field handle a Favre-less Green Bay Packers team? Can Aaron Rodgers step out of the swirling mist, onto the Frozen Tundra, and effectively lead a young and talented Packers team back to the playoffs? Nah. He’s been warming the bench for a reason.

Can the New Orleans Saints stack up a defense to go with their offense? Haven’t put it all together yet. Maybe, but pardon the skepticism. Too many dissapointing years in the bank for all to be forgiven just yet. Especially since the Bucs and Panthers made solid moves in the draft. Except the Tampa Bay Buccaneers still don’t have that killer quarterback and the Panthers are hoping Jake can come back and Vinnie is just waiting to draw social security. Hey, there’s some hope for the Black and Gold.  

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