NFL Free Agent Madness Continues

by on March 11, 2015 updated March 11, 2015

 Saints TE Graham is Now a Seahawk

 In one of the most surprising moves of free agency, the New Orleans Saints have traded away Tight End Jimmy Graham to the Seattle Seahawks. New Orleans spent most of the offseason last year trying to sign Graham and now he’s draft pick fodder. How does this all play out? The Saints give up Jimmy Graham and a 4th Round pick. The Seahawks give up Max Unger, center, and a 1st Round pick in this season’s draft, #31.



For the Seahawks – This is a really good deal. Russell Wilson now has a premiere receiving Tight End and a Red Zone target among the best in the NFL. Yes, they gave up a #1 pick but that’s not a big deal when you’re getting a proven commodity like Jimmy Graham.

For the Saints – This is a move that signifies several undercurrents to the New Orleans Saints future. To begin with, New Orleans is still banking on protecting Drew Brees and giving him time in the pocket. The addition of Max Unger could do that if he comes back healthy. Secondly, New Orleans is banging their heads on the salary cap and this move frees up tons of dollars. While trading away Graham will certainly hurt, the Saints now have some freedom to improve their defense. Finally, this is an indication of just how badly the Saints defense needs help and the only option to improve was to trade away a player any NFL team would want.

The big picture? An almost can’t miss deal for Seattle. For New Orleans, lots of potential if Unger solidifies the line and the picks and salary cap freedom is used wisely, but huge repercussions if they blow the opportunity because Graham was a fan favorite and the Saints spent big last season to keep him.


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