NFL Football – Tickets Here and There

by on March 13, 2013 updated March 13, 2013


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NFL tickets are in full swing these days. Not the kind of NFL tickets you get at to enjoy a game. These are more the kind of NFL tickets that are issued to the players. You know, like “Pack your stuff and go” kind of tickets or “I’m outta here for a bunch of bucks” kind of tickets.

A quick look around reveals some moves. Of course Alex Smith has had his bags packed for a week now as he heads off to the Kansas City Chiefs and a new regime hoping to reverse the trend of failure. Smith has a chance in KC with Andy Reid running the show.

The Miami Dolphins made a big move to get their passing game on track by signing Mike Wallace but they paid big bucks for the privilege, something on the order of $30 million guaranteed.

It doesn’t involve a ticket but the Atlanta Falcons will get another season out of the ageless Tony Gonzales it seems.

The Buffalo Bills issued Ryan Fitzpatrick a ticket out of town.

Peyton Manning wrote his own tickets and now the Broncos are going to pay him $40 million. Not bad.

The Super Bowl champion Ravens got raided by the Cleveland Browns, who inked pass rush specialist Paul Kruger to help rebuild their defense into a 3-4 style.

Here’s one that hasn’t happened yet. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are supposedly interested in signing Darrelle Revis away from the Jets who’d like to save some of that money for things like, oh, building a team.


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