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The NFL season just wrapped up. So, that means it’s time to start talking about next season, which NFL tickets should be the prime tickets, and just generally musing on the future. It’s never too early.

 Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys had an excellent season, broke through the 8-8 barrier, and seem primed for a good run. But there are some clouds on the horizon also. Sign Dez Bryant to a mega-contract? How to improve the defense?

New Orleans Saints – The Saints may be the most disappointing team in the NFL last season. Number one fix is to find some kind of structure to build the defense back into a Top 5 unit as they were in 2013. Rob Ryan is on his last legs here if he can’t get things fixed. The problem is the Saints have no cap room. Big contracts to Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham don’t help. With no cap room and Drew Brees probably having only two or three years, GM Mickey Loomis needs to hit on some free agents and draft picks like he hasn’t done in years.

Seattle Seahawks – Seattle has lived on Russell Wilson money the last few seasons. Say goodbye to some good football players because Wilson gets paid in 2015 and the Seahawks can’t keep everyone. They will still be good but maybe not as good as they’ve been.

Cleveland Browns – Is there hope for this franchise? Josh Gordon is gone (again). Interestingly enough, Kyle Shanahan just came out and said Johnny Manziel “worked very hard” for him. Manziel is currently in rehab and it’s anyone’s guess what happens from here. Toss in Textgate and the dysfunctional parade continues.

Denver Broncos – Peyton Manning is working on a decision. My guess is that Manning will come back to the Broncos for his 18th season. New Coach Gray Kubiak will welcome him and Denver will give it another go with essentially the same team John Fox built. Maybe a little more schwing in the offense with a solid running back combo?


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