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NFL Football Tickets – Divisions Hang in the Balance in Week 14


With four games left in the 2014 NFL season it’s time to start thinking seriously about which tickets are going to pay off in big time games where everything is on the line. This week brings plenty of those games.

Cowboys vs Bears


To begin with, the Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys will be meeting on Thursday night. Tickets to this one are a treat simply for the Thursday night novelty. But, you should also consider the circumstances. The Cowboys got their butts handed to them on Thanksgiving day and if they want to even have a shot at the NFC East they have to go into Philly with the standings close in mind. Dallas lost big time on Turkey Day, not only falling behind the Eagles but also losing out on playoff standing to the Lions and the Seahawks. Chicago is struggling at 5-7 and hoping to salvage something of a season with wilted hopes. Having won at home their last two outings, hopes are high they can keep up the string.

 Steelers at Bengals


The Pittsburgh Steelers head to Paul Brown Stadium for a showdown with the Cincinnati Bengals. The AFC North is crowded and the Bengals are clinging to a mere half game lead over both the Steelers and the Browns. There’s simply no room here for any losses. The Bengals escaped Tampa Bay with a win and Pittsburgh, well, let’s just say they weren’t playing well in a loss to the Saints at home. This a gut check game in the AFC North and one of the better choices for NFL football tickets.

Panthers at Saints

 The New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers will get it on come Sunday in the Superdome. Amazingly, New Orleans is tied for the top of the NFC South at 5-7 and hoping a win at home, coupled with an Atlanta loss to Green Bay on Monday night, can give them sole ownership of the division for the time being. But hold on. The Panthers and Saints always play close and New Orleans can no longer depend on their home domination. Cam Newton wins division games somehow and the lowly Panthers still have their own shot against a Saints defense that we can graciously call lackluster. Another division at stake here.

 Ravens at Dolphins 

 The Baltimore Ravens and Miami Dolphins are both in the AFC and at this point both trailing their division leaders. The Ravens have a shot at the AFC North but will have a hard time with Cincinnati and Pittsburgh crowding them in. The Miami Dolphins won’t win the AFC East over New England but are right in the thick of the race for a Wild Card slot, as is Baltimore. The stakes are high here for the Dolphins, who haven’t seen the postseason in a while. The Ravens want their division and this game will help get it, or at least help cement a playoff spot.

 Chiefs at Cardinals

 NFL football tickets wouldn’t be the same without a clash out West and this Chiefs vs Cardinals contest is going to be a good one. The Kansas City Chiefs are experiencing a revival as of late and will have fire in their eyes as they try and validate their run at the AFC West after falling behind both Denver and San Diego. Arizona, struggling since Carson Palmer went down, is desperately clinging to the top spot in the NFC West. One team is struggling to rise, the other to stay on top. Arizona is excellent at home but without Palmer the offense is limited. A win keeps the Chiefs alive and with San Diego playing in new England, Kansas City could find itself back in the playoff hunt after this weekend.

 Falcons at Packers

 The Atlanta Falcons are on top of the NFC South, barely, and now face a Packers team coming off a big win over the Patriots. All that aside, this is a must win for Atlanta, a team trying to hold on to the lead in their division. For Green Bay this could be a mental challenge against a sleeper team. The Falcons may not have a good record but they have Matt Flynn and Roddy White and everything to play for. Green Bay can’t afford to slack off. The Detroit Lions are only a game back and get what should be an easy win in Tampa Bay. Again, these are NFL football tickets that will let you see a possible major upset or the Green Bay Packers continue their dominant run on the season.



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