NFL Football – Ticket to Free Agent Mayhem

by on March 10, 2015 updated March 10, 2015

 The Last Shot?

 Wide receiver Andre Johnson has been released by the Houston Texans and is seeking a new team, one that hopefully will give him some shot at winning a Super Bowl. That gives him limited choices. The New England Patriots have been mentioned and seem to be a good fit. Plus, the Patriots have a pattern of picking players to use for a season or so and then saying goodbye. It would be nice to see Johnson get a ring, seeing as how he toiled honorably in a bad place for a decade.

 Murray Left Begging?

 DeMarco Murray carried the Dallas Cowboys over several games in 2014 and now there seems to be some bad blood. Murray benefited from the Cowboys offensive scheme to be fair and running backs have been slipping in the value department of late, with rare exceptions. Still, it’s odd to think Dallas wouldn’t have at least made some kind of tangible offer.

 Who Can Afford Revis?

 Darrelle Revis got his release today from the New England Patriots. Now where can he go? If he wants a big payday rather than another ring, he’ll have few choices. The Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars have plenty of money but I don’t see Revis heading into a rebuilding team unless he gets a contract he can’t pass up. Money makes for a lot. Don’t be surprised to see Revis go back to New England or accept a lesser offer from a would be contender.

 The 49ers are Toast?

 Jim Harbaugh is gone, Frank Gore is gone, and now it looks like Patrick Willis is going to retire. Michael Crantree is a expected to move on. So much for continuity in the NFL. A team that has been a contender over the last four years is now facing a very uncertain future. It’s going to be a very interesting season in San Francisco.

 The Dust Will Settle

 The NFL is always an interesting ticket and this time of the year is especially interesting. Teams are scrambling to fill their buckets. Some go all out with reckless abandon, others pick and choose, looking for value. But, the dust will settle in the next few days and we’ll see which NFL teams did their homework and which NFL teams lost the roll of the dice over the next season or two.


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