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by on November 26, 2012 updated November 26, 2012


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Well, we’ve seen this before. Somehow or another the New York Giants seem to unleash in the latter half of the season, reserving their best football for the run to the playoffs. As you recall the Giants were a meager 6-6 last year before going on a tear and riding it all the way to the Super Bowl. Is that what we’re seeing now?

It’s hard not o be thinking that after watching New York dismantle a good Green Bay Packers team last night. A 38-10 win makes you scratch your chin and say Hmm. Especially when you note that the Giants sacked Rodgers 5 times, hurried him all night, and shut down the running game. New York rebounded from a two-game losing streak, added to their hold on the NFC East, forced turnovers, enjoyed a revived Eli Manning and in general did everything right. It’s the kind of performance that sets an NFL team up for good things down the road.

If winning your division means anything in the NFL the New York Giants could be in a sweet spot. they’ve got a big game coming up with the Washington Redskins next week and a win there pretty much puts them in the catbird seat. I’m not seeing the Dallas Cowboys as anything other than their usual disappointing selves and Philadelphia is already in shambles. What I am seeing is the Redskins being able to force themselves into the playoff picture with a win next week, meaning the New York Giants will have to win convincingly to seal the NFC East deal.

Keep an eye on these Giants. It’s hard to say I’m surprised by their performance but anyone with any sense was wondering if they’d find that edge that’s worked so well for them in winning a pair of Super Bowl Championships. Is this game the pivot point for a run like last season? We’ll have to wait and see. But it does look like the Giants are poised to spring another long winning streak against the rest of the NFL. With the Redskins and Saints on the schedule just ahead, this could be the time they set the rest of the NFL on notice.

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