NFL Fans a Little Overboard – Get a Life

by on September 20, 2012 updated September 20, 2012


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Let’s get a few things straight.

1) The Redskins are a pretty good team now that they have Robert Griffin III. At least they have a much better shot at winning than they did before he came.

2) I’m not seeing a Super Bowl contender. maybe next year or the year after. Not 2012.

3) Joshua Morgan screwed up. I’m sure he’s heard it from the coaches, his teammates, and everyone else. Drawing a penalty late in the game when you’re team is pulling into tying field goal range? NO!

But for fans to be sending death threats via Twitter to Joshua Morgan is just so totally wacko that it’s beyond description. How can your life be so bad that you do something like that? Don’t you have something else to worry about, like a job, a family, a test to study for, a car payment to make, need a new pair of shoes, get your eyeglasses re-fitted, wash your car? You know, something that might actually put a little perspective in your life?

I’m a die-hard football fanĀ  and for years I’ve been a faithful follower of the New Orleans Saints. Talk about disappointment. Toss out the last five years and I’ve enjoyed more heartache and misery that your average long term hemorrhoid sufferer. I’ve used quite a few invectives to describe certain players, and have definitely wished to see some players kicked out the door. But a death wish? No.

Reign it in, numbnut. The fate of millions of lives does not hinge on the Redskins, Saints, or any other NFL team. Pull for your favorite NFL team but remember that life does exist outside of the NFL. It’s recreation, not a critical life support system. Get out of your chair and go find a life. You’ll be a better person for it.

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