NFL Draft – The Great Crapshoot

by on April 27, 2008 updated April 27, 2008

 Think you’re a gambler? Try the NFL draft. How would you like to be an owner gambling say, $30 million on a college age kid like the Miami Dolphins just did? Never played a down, instant millionaire. Blows out a knee the first day of practice, bye bye $30 Million.

The Miami Dolphins took all the suspense out of the draft a few days ago but here’s the rundown”

#2 St.Louis Rams take Chris Long, defensive end. Solid pick although the Rams could have used the other Long more.

#3 Atlanta Falcons officially end the Michael Vick era with the pick of QB Matt Ryan of Boston College, as much for his leadership ability as physical ability. They say.

#4 The Oakland Raiders curse Darren McFadden to laboring behind the worst offensive line in history. Buy health insurance Darren

#5 Kansas City Chiefs bolster their D with LSU DL Glen Dorsey

Other Interesting Picks:

Jacksonville jumps to #8 and takes defensive end Derrick Harvey of Florida. Good move.

Carolina Panthers reinvent their running game with a back (Jonathan Stewart) and an OL (Jeff Otah).

Meanwhile, the Patriots, Colts, and Giants get better with solid but unspectacular picks to complement their already sound teams. Go figure.


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