NFL – Cowboys Woes all Jones Fault? Of Course

by on February 27, 2014 updated February 27, 2014

 You gotta hand it to Jerry Jones, there he is taking all the blame for the Dallas Cowboys not winning a Super Bowl. Well, maybe not all the blame. Joones does segue somewhat into a discussion of NFL finance, and maybe he’s got a point. The problem is that the finger always points back at him.

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 In the world of the NFL, which is based on parity, every move has to be the right move. Which is what makes the NFL much more competitive than say, the MLB. Each team is on a level playing field financially. Decisions, especially the decisions to sign top flight quarterbacks and free agents can either make your team or cripple it. Sometimes both.

 Jerry Jones is one of those NFl owners who absolutely refuse to take a step back and let an impartial GM manage his team. He is intimately involved in choosing and paying players. Therein lies the rub. He was succesful for a few years but since then he’s mostly been shooting blanks, running a .500 team that looks to be on the brink every season and ends up wondering what the hell happened. Who is to blame? Jerry Jones of course. If you want to call the shots you have to take the heat. At least Jones is doing that.

 Which is all very well and good but I think we’re witnessing a movie we’ve seen before. It was called Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders and it’s still ugly in that movie theater.

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