NFL Booth Job for Pennington

by on June 19, 2011 updated June 19, 2011

In the NFL, or rather in the world of NFL reporting, nothing beats a good quarterback. Though many have tried, few have been, in my mind, very successful. Joe Theisman was OK, as was for New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms. While Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman is passable, it aggravates me to see him sometimes. I’d realy like to have seen someone like Joe Montana do it for a long stretch.

This year we could potentially see guys like Kurt Warner, who I admire just because he managed to win and enjoy a career through a no-quit attitude. If he can refrain from theology and just stick to football I think he can be a good one. A recent article on Chad Pennington has me thinking he could be very good in the booth. Pennington is smart, a student of the game, and a pretty inspiring guy, having come back from injury to win Comeback Player of the Year twice. If Chad Pennington does get into the booth, I’m expecting great things from him.

Steve Young is another guy I respected with a mike. Sometimes a little wobbly, Young was great at dissecting a play for the common man, something I need, something we all need. So let’s get our hopes up and see what Pennington brings to the table. Right now, I’d like to hear his opinion on the labor issue. But maybe Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints will be that guy when he retires. He’s won a Super Bowl, saved a city with hard work, and more importantly brings a proven attitude for winning.

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