NFC East – Still Packin Some Guns

by on November 5, 2008 updated November 5, 2008

 Is the NFC East the best division in the NFL? The New York Giants certainly look like the best team in the NFC right now. A monster pass rush has become the Giants stock in trade. Eli Manning has proven himself capable if not elite, and the team concept is surviving some internal troubles. At 7-1 the Giants are in control and show no signs of turning it loose.

Meanwhile the Washington Redskins at 6-3 have proven to be much more competitive that anyone envisioned. They’re right in the thick of things, with plenty of football left to play. If New York stumbles late the Redskins can make a push.

The Philadelphia Eagles are right behind Washinton at 5-3. They’re also getting healthy again with Westbrook recovering from an ankle injury. McNabb, while still lacking a great receiving corp, is putting up good numbers again.

Which leads us to the Dallas Cowboys. Falling from a pre-season Super Bowl favorite to last place in the NFC East has taken it’s toll on the Cowboys, fans, and the media. But they’re not done yet. The big question is if the return of Tony Romo can spark Dallas into making a playoff run. He’ll certainly help the offense. But the Cowboys will have to put up mass points to overcome the lack of defense.

It’s too earlt to say if this is the best division in football. It may not even be the best division in the NFC when you look at the South. But there’s not a single team you can safely count as out of the post season and that means a lot.   


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