New York Knicks – Moving On

by on November 22, 2008 updated November 22, 2008

The NBA is a great place for housecleaning and the New York Knicks are doing it. They’ve traded away two of their top players in a bid to bring in more productive talent that fits their system. Some will scream that the two players they’ve unloaded were two of their top scorers and should have been retained. The problem with trades, in the NBA or any sport, is that in order to get value you have to pay value. Anyone can pick up on a journeyman or a fill in. But to get real value you have to have something to offer. In this case the Knicks are not directly trading for talent, only opening up the possibility of bringing in some down the line. The moves free up salary space and offer the chance to bring in a big name. Lebron James has been mentioned along with others. For the New York Knicks, who have to contend with the Boston Celtics within their division, the road ahead is filled with challenges. Making the right move in the next few weeks will determine their immediate future.


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