New York Knicks get a New Coach

by on May 11, 2008 updated May 11, 2008

 Into the seething and squirming bucket of worms that is the New York Knicks come Mike D’Antoni. The former Phoenix Suns coach, who got a wheelbarrow full of cash off his past contract, collects another truckload from the Knicks. early indications are that D’Antoni will receive $24 million over the life of the pact, in the unlikely event he makes it through the end.

 Repairing the catastrophe left behind by Isiah Thomas won’t be an easy task. The Knicks were on the wrong side of 59 games last season, one of the worst marks in franchise history. Throw in the boiling pot of New York media and fans and D’Antoni is grabbing a tiger by the tail.  Considering he couldn’t get Phoenix past the first round of the NBA Playoffs and it makes you wonder why Knicks management likes him so much.


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