New York Jets Tickets – Jets on Top?

by on July 5, 2010 updated July 5, 2010

 To say the excitement being generated by Jets tickets is getting big is an understatement. It’s been a long time since the New York Jets have been considered contenders but they’re getting their due now. And with good reason. As much as Rex Ryan may seem like a blowhard, you can’t argue with success.

 The Jets came within one game of a Super Bowl last season and have torn up the market getting free agents. Starting on defense, New York snagged cornerback Antonio Cromartie, a good guy to pair up opposite Darrelle Revis, considered by many to be the NFL’s best. It’s a matter of building off your strength and defense is the Jet’s strength.

 But to be a Super Bowl contender you still need offense. Quarterback Mark Sanchez had some rough rookie moments but as the season progressed he started to look a bit more comfortable. To help avoid a sophomore slum. The Jets decided to sign LaDainian Tomlinson. If Tomlinson is even close to his old form he’ll take pressure off of Sanchez. In addition, Sanchez now has the services of Santonio Holmes, and for only a fifth round draft pick. That’s a good deal.

My top Jets Tickets? Gotta go divisional. Jets vs Patriots, Jets vs Dolphins. It’s much easier when you win your division and those games will be crucial come the NFL regular season.


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