New York Giants Tickets – Burress Slower Than a Speeding Bullet

by on August 20, 2009 updated August 20, 2009

 Call me crazy but fans with New York Giants tickets have a right to be angry. Angry with Plaxico Burress, and angry with the criminal justice system. Burress is probably the only guy to be sentenced to two years in prison for self inflicted stupidity. Correct me if I’m wrong, but nowhere in this case have I seen it put forth that Burress brandished a weapon and threatened anyone with it. He shot HIMSELF.

 It’s understandable in these times that direct threats of personal harm should be treated seriously. If Plaxico Burress had pointed the gun at anyone I wouldn’t have a problem. If he had accidentally shot someone else I wouldn’t have a problem. But those aren’t the facts as I see them. An argument can be made that he endangered those around him and I agree with that and I think some punishment is warranted. But two years in prison for shooting yourself in the leg? Come on. It so happens I used to work with a guy that shot himself in the knee while cleaning his pistol. Nobody talked about putting him in jail. We all laughed at him. After all, he had harmed nobody but himself. Giants tickets holders have lost a good wide receiver on their team, and for what reason? Stupidity, something we all can be accused of at one time or another. Just ask my wife.


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