New Orleans Saints tickets

by on June 29, 2007 updated April 19, 2014

 A weird though occured to me as I was looking over my New Orleans Saints tickets. Not a single player wearing Black and Gold has been arrested in my recent memory. What does this mean? My Saints tickets have every chance of delivering full value. No missing D-Linemen (ala Tank Johnson) no missing cornerbacks (see the thousands of Pacman stories) no dog bite victims (Michael Vick), and no mug shots of my favorite players to pin up on my wall. The New Orleans Saints have not only given the city of New Orleans something to cheer about they’ve given us something to be proud of: A respectable team in every sense of the word. Not only are the Saints good enough to challenge for Super Bowl tickets, they’re good enough to invite to your family’s crawfish boil and not lock up your wife’s jewelry or hide your gun cabinet in the cellar. Just knowing I’m not watching a bunch of thugs on the field makes my Saints tickets mean a lot more. Is the rest of the NFL paying attention to what Sean Payton is doing? Building a winning team with solid citizens and community oriented players? Quite a unique concept.

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