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NBA Tickets – Around the NBA All Star Game

updated February 11, 2013by February 11, 2013

The NBA All Star Game is coming up in the next few days which means the NBA season is about halfway through which means teams will be adding a little more emphasis on making a strong finishing run which means things are going to get a lot more interesting which means we need to take […]

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LA Clippers Tickets – Taking Over

updated December 20, 2011by December 20, 2011

LA Clippers Tickets   LA Clippers tickets took on new life with the beginning of this shortened NBA season. The Clippers have long been a hard luck story in the NBA with little or nothing to give fans hope. But all that changed in recent weeks with the signing of Chris Paul, formerly of the […]

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NBA Tickets – Hanging by a Thread

updated November 12, 2011by November 12, 2011

Your NBA tickets are hanging by a thread, the victim of a collective greed so pervasive you can taste it in your overpriced hot dogs. We’ve seen this before in the NFL strike but the problem in the NBA is that the talent in the league is even more concentrated among the teams. In an […]

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NBA Tickets – Alas, We Knew Them

updated October 10, 2011by October 10, 2011

The fans who love their NBA tickets got some bad news today as the NBA announced the cancellation of games in the first two weeks of the season. It seems the two sides are just too far apart to even consider keeping the schedule intact. Is it me or does this disagreement seem to be […]

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