NBA Tickets – Here We Go Again

by on June 30, 2011 updated June 30, 2011

As if we didn’t already have a season filled with speculation and uncertainty. Come Friday, the NBA collective bargaining agreement is set to expire, and like their brethren on the gridiron, NBA players don’t believe they are even close to getting a fair bargain with the owners.

Here we go again. NBA players are looking to redraw every issue on the slate, things like  a time of so much a salary cap, how to split the money coming in more equitably, who can make how much, and long term financial assurances. Owners are circling the wagons, claiming the need for fiscal responsibility and long term stability to keep struggling franchises afloat and money making franchises in the black.

The NFL is already dealing with a lockout and the chances are very good that the NBA will soon have the same situation on their hands. Has there ever been a time when so much money is on the table and so many people are unhappy with their cut? Both the NBA and the NFL are in real danger of alienating the people who buy their tickets and merchandise. Killing the goose that laid the golden egg is a real possibility here. Enough fans throw up their hands and take up bass fishing and everyone loses. Especially the bass.


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