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by on April 16, 2014 updated April 16, 2014


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There’s a feeling I get

When I look to the West 


Remember that line from the Zepplin song “Stairway to Heaven”? Well I get the feeling that the Western Conference is going to produce an NBA Championship this season. Here’s why:

The Western Conference will boast the San Antonio Spurs with the best record in the NBA and a cast of players that fit together like a glove. They also have a coach who believes in bringing his team to the finish line healthy and rested. The Spurs divide up their minutes during the regular season. To know how much difference this makes you only have to look at Indiana, the top team in the East, and see how they’ve played the last few weeks. Look at the Miami Heat. What are they doing? Abandoning the #1 seed and resting players. The Spurs get their rest during the regular season.

The Western Conference will also have the LA Clippers, a team that seems to be on an upward spiral in the last three years. That upward momentum does play a role. Players begin asking themselves what stands between them and an NBA Championship and the answer is usually nothing but hard work and smart play. Make a Game plan and stick with it.

I also believe the Oklahoma City Thunder are thirsting for a shot. This is a team that has been consistently good and steadily frustrated. That has to break sometime and this could be the year.

Finally, coming out on top of the Western Conference is harder than coming out on top of the Eastern Conference. It’s just harder. Playing tougher teams and better talent forges a champion. I know the Miami Heat are out there but it’s hard to see this Miami team as the same steamrolling unit that has claimed the title the last two years. This is the Year of the West.


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