NBA Tickets – Thinking the Unthinkable

by on May 25, 2009 updated April 19, 2014

 The Cleveland Cavaliers entered the post-season as the annointed team, the NBA could have no other. Did anyone seriously think that any team but the Cavaliers would be representing the Eastern Conference? I certainly did not. But in the last few games of the current Cavaliers series with the Orlando Magic I have begun to question myself. Not that it’s anything unusual. I am frequently dead wrong as my wife will willingly attest.

 It’s just that I didn’t see the Orlando Magic as being as resilient as they have been. This character trait really didn’t assert itself until the playoffs. But if I had been an intelligent man I would have looked to the past. The Orlando Magic may be the only team in the NBA that has outgunned the Cavaliers over the past two seasons. Last night’s victory puts the Magic at 7-2 against Cleveland in the last nine games. Apparently, LeBron CAN’T do it all. he’s going to need some help to get past this Magic team. The question now is: Can the Cavaliers, who rely so much on james, now come to his aid? Their tickets to the NBA Finals are at stake.  

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