NBA Tickets – Picking the Western Conference

by on October 24, 2013 updated October 24, 2013

Here are our picks for NBA tickets in the Western Conference. These are the three teams we think have the best chance to make their mark in the conference. As always we expect to be wrong in some cases as injury and circumstance overcome strength on paper. But, if you’re picking out your NBA tickets well ahead of time then these are good picks.


NBA Tickets


San Antonio Spurs Win Southwest Division – No surprise here. The ageless Spurs march on. Tim Duncan, Manu Giniboli, and Tony Parker may be older but these guys still have what it takes and they have experience to back them up. It’s hard to imagine an NBA playoffs without the San Antonio Spurs and we won’t have to in the upcoming NBA season. The Spurs will be there. Again.

Oklahoma City Thunder Win the Northwest Division – Oklahoma City has been on the verge of winning it all for several years now. While the frustration is growing about finally winning an NBA Championship, there’s no doubt in our minds that Oklahoma City is the best bet to win the Northwest Division. Kevin Durant and James Harden, along with Russell Westbrook, make up a scoring combination that few teams can deal with.

┬áL.A. Clippers Win the Pacific Division – Here we’ve picked the LA Clippers with full knowledge that this race between the Clippers and the Golden State Warriors may be the closet division race in the NBA. Our money is on the Clippers. Why? The hiring of Doc Rivers will push LA up another level. Chris Paul changed this franchise for the better and now Rivers will finsih the job. The LA Clippers are for real.

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