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by on May 14, 2009 updated May 14, 2009

 Catching NBA Playoff games in the middle of the night or early A.M. in either the MWR or the Defac has made me delirious. It’s hard to have rational though when you’re sleep deprived, running to a bunker, or trying to eat what passes for eggs in Afghanistan. Still, since I have no scruples and no reservations on delivering opinions with no basis in fact or qualifications to back up what I’m saying, I’ll tell you what I think about the teams in the playoffs.

 The Cleveland Cavaliers appear to me to be the only team delivering the caliber of play anyone expected. As of yet, Cleveland has handily disposed of every team they’ve faced. Anything other than an Eastern Conference Championship would be a totally off the wall.

 The Boston Celtics have struggled with the Chicago Bulls, and are still struggling with the Orlando Magic. Yes, they played a great game last night and pretty much blew away Orlando. But have they shown the kind of consistency and swagger you would expect? Or the intensity? I think not.

As for the Los Angeles Lakers existence in the NBA Playoffs it’s all just another aspect of the Lakers Circus, one more performance from Hollywood. Their elimination wouldn’t surprise me if the Rockets were at full strength. Mings absence just seals the deal on another playoff appearance that doesn’t seem to be exciting anyone but Jack Nicholson. Again, no fire, no intensity. Even Phil Jackson has said that his team requires a “spark” to play well. Isn’t the shot at a Championship a “spark?”

 Here’s the deal. The Cavaliers are hungrier, at least as talented, and far more enthusiastic that either the Lakers or the Celtics. The only way they won’t take home an NBA Championship is if a meteor hits between now and the start of the series. But then again, what do I know? 



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