NBA Tickets – Not the Same Old Same Old

by on February 4, 2010 updated February 4, 2010

 A quick look at the NBA reveals the murmur of some change around the league. I can remember last season when the Boston Celtics had everything going their way. By this point in the NBA season Boston already had a commanding lead on the rest of the Atlantic Division and fans were already pointing to a showdown with the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Championship.

 Not so in this NBA season. Right now I’m looking at the Celtics clinging to a four point lead in the Atlantic. The Toronto Raptors have been riding the curl, right behind Boston, and show no signs of faltering. A strong push, coup[led with a Celtics stumble, could mean a major change come playoff time. Further muddling in the Eastern Conference comes by way of the Atlanta Hawks, a team for which everyone has been expecting good things for some time. This year the Hawks have been very competitive. A mere pair of games behind the Orlando Magic, Atlanta is in a good spot for a run that puts them on top.


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