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by on April 12, 2014 updated April 12, 2014

The NBA is fast coming to the close of their regular season and ramping up for the playoffs. Things look very interesting this time around as the Miami Heat prepare to defend their NBA title and shoot for a third straight championship. But it isn’t going to be easy.

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¬†Ask any NBA player or coach what they’d like to have going into the post-season and they’ll almost inevitably respond with health and momentum. The Miami Heat have neither of those and the Indiana Pacers, currently a close second, have little of these key assets. As strange as it may sound, neither the Miami Heat nor the Pacers may be in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals despite their huge lead over the secondary teams. Things just aren’t working right now. Instead, a team like the Chicago Bulls or Toronto Raptors could well play a decisive role in the end.

The Western Conference of the NBA is much stronger top to bottom. There are five teams within ten games of each other. The San Antonio Spurs have locked down the #1 seed for all practical purposes, leaving the Thunder three games back and the Clippers in the third spot. It’s hard to envision this being anything but another San Antonio run to the NBA Finals but……don’t count out a Dark Horse in this conference either.

In just a week or so we’ll begin to see things play out and the NBA Playoff seeding get locked down. Then the real action will begin and NBA Playoff tickets will draw the attention of sports fans across the country. Be ready for some hard fought basketball and some shockers along the way. Seriously, if Miami wants to repeat it’s going to take some doing and teams like the Spurs are determined to stop all this dynasty talk. The NBA playoffs are going to be interesting, very interesting so get your tickets now. Maybe your team is the Dark Horse.


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