NBA Tickets – Lakers Rule

by on January 21, 2011 updated January 21, 2011

One need only take a quick look at the NBA standings and it becomes pretty obvious that the Los Angeles Lakers are  still the rulers of the NBA and won’t be dethroned at any point in the near future. I looked at this today. Now maybe the Lakers are reaping the benefits of a weak division or maybe they’re just that good. But the fact remains that to win in the NBA you need to win your division. Right now the Los Angeles Lakers are an amazing 12 games ahead of the next team in the Pacific Division. That’s a lot of games.

Trailing behind the Lakers as leaders are the San Antonio Spurs with a 9 game lead over the New Orleans Hornets and the Chicago Bulls who lead the awful central division by 13. these teams trail because they aren’t the Lakers. Ha, Ha, Ha. Seriously, even with the Miami Heat frenzy the Lakers are still the team to beat in the NBA come playoff time.


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