NBA Tickets – I’ll Have My Crow Well Done

by on May 27, 2009 updated May 27, 2009

 Like most NBA Fans I’ve had this picture in my mind of two playoff battles. The first was a showdown between the Boston Celtics and the Cavs. The second was a showdown between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Cleveland Cavaliers. We may get none of the above.

 Both the Denver Nuggets and the Orlando Magic are giving us lessons in expectations. It isn’t always the team that looks best on paper that comes out ahead. You’ve got to do it on the court in the NBA Playoffs and the NBA Finals. Right now, the Orlando Magic representing the Eastern Conference looks like just as much of a sure thing as the Cavs did a month ago. The Western Conference is more uncertain, but who would be knocked off their feet with surprise if the Nuggets came out on top? Surprise isn’t in the equation anymore. What is in the equation may be the best NBA Conference Finals we’ve seen in a long time and two unexpected teams left standing at the end. You gotta love it. Meanwhile I won’t be one of those guys fumbling for excuses. I called the Lakers and Cavs from the beginning. Right now it looks like I’ll be at best half-right, which is NOT surprising, since I have always been called half-witted.


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