NBA Tickets – Hanging by a Thread

by on November 12, 2011 updated November 12, 2011

Your NBA tickets are hanging by a thread, the victim of a collective greed so pervasive you can taste it in your overpriced hot dogs. We’ve seen this before in the NFL strike but the problem in the NBA is that the talent in the league is even more concentrated among the teams. In an NFL team you’ve got maybe 75 guys that make up the team and their contracts range from the mega-millions to the merely well to do.

But when you buy NBA tickets you’re paying for an even more concentrated collection of talents, and entire circus that supports maybe 15 guys on a team and that makes every one of them the greatest basketball talent in the world in their own minds. Then you throw in an ownership base that for the most part have made their millions by selectively screwing the average Joe, the government, or they captured lightning in a bottle in a few short years. Not guys who know anything about sharing wealth or looking long term.

And so our NBA tickets dangle in the wind by the merest of threads. I certainly hope the greed that demands that extra 1% can be divided evenly, otherwise those NBA tickets could fall in 2011, and all that talent lie idle like so many wasted opportunities.

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