NBA Tickets – Don’t Forget ‘Em

by on January 29, 2013 updated January 29, 2013


NBA Tickets



With all the hoopla going around about a certain game going on in New Orleans it might be easy to forget your plans on NBA tickets. Don’t make that mistake. There are some great things going on in the NBA right now, namely some very close conference races that lend a certain air of excitement to the 2013 NBA season.

The Miami Heat are running on top of the Eastern Conference right now but that could easily change. The Heat are heading out on the road  which doesn’t always treat them well. Take a look at what happened in Boston. With a razor thing edge between Miami and the trailing pack, things could be topsy turvy very soon.

The New York Knicks are one of those teams that could upend Miami. In fact, the Knicks are at 27 wins, the Chicago Bulls are at 27 wins, and the Brooklyn Nets are at 27 wins. Any of these could make a run and grab the leaders role in the NBA’s Eastern Conference.

Things are just as muddied over in the Western Conference. Currently, the San Antonio Spurs hold the cards. But a look around gives us the Oklahoma City Thunder well within striking distance as well as those upstart Clippers. All appear playoff bound and all could play the role of spoiler against the front runner.

Back in the East even the Indiana Pacers and Atlanta Hawks are running a close second to the top four teams, separated by a mere handful of games. If Miami and the rest of the pack want to run out front, they’ll have to maintain a torrid pace with so many teams nipping at their heels.

Bottom line, NBA tickets, especially in the Eastern Conference, will get you into what may be crucial contests in determining the final standings come playoff time. The 2013 NBA run is not going to be one for the faint-hearted.


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