NBA Tickets for Kids

by on January 13, 2009 updated January 13, 2009


 Everything is our world right now is in turmoil. There wars going on in several areas of the world. Is there anyone who doesn’t have just a little bit of worry about the economic situation, unemployment, and financial crisis? And yet, for the majority of us the financial problems won’t mean foreclosure or bankruptcy, maybe just a little belt tightening. yes, things may seem a little rough but the will get better. This is a fact that everyone seems to forget:THINGS WILL GET BETTER. Even more importantly though, is the idea that we all have to keep our chins up and be optimistic. Have a little fun! What’s one way to do that? NBA tickets. Here’s a little guy who had the good luck to find his way to a New Orleans Hornets game when the New York Knicks came to visit. From the looks of it, he’s having some fun. Yes, times are tight. But a good shot of optimism and a happy go lucky spirit will get us through. Put a smile on a kids face and flash some NBA tickets if just for one night this month.  


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