NBA Tickets – Eastern Conference

by on December 2, 2009 updated December 2, 2009

Time for a quick look at the NBA Season. While still early, here’s the hottest tickets in the league.

Boston Celtics Tickets – The Celtics have picked up where they left off last season and are leading the Atlantic by seven games already. Unless a major disaster occurs the Celtics will be a post-season favorite.

Cleveland Cavaliers Tickets – Guess who’ll be the other favorite. That’s right. Lebron, who may be looking at his last go round in Cleveland, has the Cavs on top of the Central, although the margin is slimmer in that division.

Orlando Magic Tickets - The Magic probably face the toughest road in the Eastern Conference. With the Atlanta Hawks playing very good basketball, it’s going to be tough to stay ahead. Look for the Southeast to be a back and forth battle.


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