The Dark Horse of the East

by on May 14, 2012 updated July 26, 2015


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In the playoffs of any sport, there is always a dark horse that no one expects to win.  Like the New York Giants in the NFL.  In the NBA playoffs though, my dark horse in the Eastern Conference is the Indiana Pacers.

The Pacers handled the Orlando Magic with ease winning that series 4-1.  The Pacers are up against one of the best teams with the Miami Heat though, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the Heat will win.  The Pacers actually had, if not the same record as,  then close to the same record as the Kobe Bryant-led Los Angeles Lakers.

Even though the Pacers haven’t really established the face of their franchise, they have a few players that really stand out.  One of these players is Roy Hibbert.  The 7’2″, 260 pound center is averaging 11 points per game and 4 blocks per game in the playoffs.  This guy is incredible.  To have a presence as big and disruptive as him is a gift.  The Pacers are lucky to have him.

The other stand out performer is none other than small forward Danny Granger.  Granger is averaging about 21 points per game and 7 rebounds per game.  He is a great player in the paint and beyond the three-point line.  Danny Granger is the dark horse of the playoffs, talking about players.  He has been very impressive as he scored 20+ points in the las three games against the Magic.

The Pacers are definitely a force to reckon with.  If the Heat look past them, the Pacers will take advantage and could possibly win this series.  They have the firepower to do so.  Don’t miss out the Pacers; get your Pacers’ tickets now at

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