NBA Tickets – An Early Look

by on November 13, 2009 updated November 13, 2009

 It’s very early in the NBA season but let’s take a quick look around. In the Eastern Conference the Boston Celtics have the whole division buffalo’d. With nine games under their belt the Celtics already have a four game lead. Not much speculation to be made there. Meanwhile the Cleveland Cavaliers are at 6-3, still dependent on LeBron, and expected to win the division barring injury to the King. Only the Southeast appears to be interesting at this point. The Miami Heat and Atlanta Hawks are tied at 6-2 with the Orlando Magic right behind at 6-3. This is an NBA Division that could get interesting.

The NBA Western Conference is much more interesting. The Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets lead the Southwest but neither appears to be a clear leader. meanwhile the New Orleans Hornets have already jettisoned their head coach. Denver and Portland lead the Nortwest while out on the Left Coast, the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns could be in for quite a battle.

It’s still way early for much speculation but at this point in the NBA season, I haven’t seen any real surprises. I expect that to change. Somewhere in the NBA there’s a team waiting to blossom and a key injury waiting to derail another franchise. It’s coming NBA fans, it’s coming.


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