NBA Tickets – Alas, We Knew Them

by on October 10, 2011 updated October 10, 2011

The fans who love their NBA tickets got some bad news today as the NBA announced the cancellation of games in the first two weeks of the season. It seems the two sides are just too far apart to even consider keeping the schedule intact.

Is it me or does this disagreement seem to be a lot stupider than the one we just recently underwent with the NFL? I don’t know about you but when the football dispute was ongoing I just knew that there was too much money on the table for these guys to seriously jeapordize the game.

Somehow, the NBA just isn’t giving me that warm and fuzzy feeling that everything is going to OK. We’ve got players talking Europe, owners talking bankruptcy, games cancelled, no preseason, and a whole litany of problems. It isn’t just about money in the NBA, it’s about one side teaching the other side a lesson. Meanwhile NBA fans suffer.

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