NBA Potshots

by on November 25, 2007 updated April 19, 2014

 Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas is out for awhile. Knee problems have sidelined the forlorn gamer for the next threee months.

The NBA All Star Game is set for New Orleans in Feb. Get your tickets now and visit the Crescent City. Despite the pounding by the national media, New Orleans is making a strong comeback bid and has not only the NBA coming to town but the Sugar Bowl and the BCS National Championship Game.

Watch out for the Indiana Pacers. They could surprise.

The Orlando Magic are posting double digit wins early in the season. Will they be a force later this year? I’m doubtful.

The Chicago Bulls are in the tank. Scott Skiles will have to do his best coaching job ever to get this team out of the funky malaise that’s overcome one of the NBA’s most promising young teams.

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