NBA PLayoffs – No Celtics Cruise

by on May 11, 2009 updated May 11, 2009

 Here’s the way it was suposed to play out. The Cleveland Cavaliers would easily defeat every team that came their way and find themselves in the Eastern Conference Championship. Their expected opponent, the defending NBA Champion Boston Celtics would do the same. NBA fans would enjoy an epic matchup between and old time historically succesful franchise and an up and comer woith one of the greatest talents in the NBA leading the way. It isn’t working out that way.

 The Boston Celtics have been struggling. Still potent and capable of finding their way to the Conference Championship, they’ve experienced some problems along the way that just didn’t seem to be in the cards. Right now it’s the Orlando Magic giving Boston problems. the cruise just hasn’t been that easy. There are real questions as to whether Boston can even make the Conference championship and even bigger questions as to whether they can handle the Cavaliers if they get there. Maybe the trials and tribulations along the way will make the Celtics even stronger. Or maybe the effort required to reach the end of the nroad will take it’s toll and the cavaliers will romp. Either way, the cruise to the Eastern Conference Championship has hit rough water for Boston.  


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