NBA Playoffs Begin

by on April 17, 2008 updated April 19, 2014

 The NBA Playoffs always offer their share of drama. The dominating teams, the surprise contenders, the story within the game. As the next few weeks unfold we’re sure to have a few things to say. For now, let’s pick out a few matchups we’ll probably enjoy:

Atlanta Hawks vs Boston Celtics – While I don’t expect Atlanta to hang around long, t’s nice to have them included in the post-season. maybe my friend Dave Purdum will get to see a good team.

New Orleans Hornets vs Dallas Mavericks – The Hornets have been surprisingly good, at least good for a team from New Orleans. But wait, this team finished on top of a tightly packed Southwest Division.

Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets – The Lakers are back. Can the Mile High city stop them?

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