NBA Playoffs and Rampant Speculation

by on May 13, 2008 updated May 13, 2008

 Here I am once again to throw out some wild guesses and completely uneducated thoughts on the NBA Playoffs. But first a disclaimer: In no way do I know what I’m talking about.

 It looks to me like the battle between the Hornets and Spurs will come down to home wins. That’s good news for the Hornets. But I have to wonder why pro players play poorly away from home. In the cae of the Hornets I think it’s because they miss their gumbo. But that’s just a guess.

 The Boston Celtics also suck away from home. Good thing they’ve also got an edge. But you have to wonder if the regular season was all smoke and mirrors.

Are the Lakers coming back? The question is still up in the air. Three words: Kobe, Kobe, Kobe. Stop him and they’re toast.


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