NBA Playoff Tickets – Western Conference

by on April 7, 2009 updated April 7, 2009

 To me the NBA Western Conference is where the actual NBA Championship will be determined. It always seems like there’s one conference that carries an abundance of good teams, one where the second or third best team in the conference could probably outplay the best of the other. The NBA Western Conference is that conference in pro basket ball. Yes, the Celtics are the defending NBA Champions, but who says that everything I say has to make good sense?

Southwest Division - Right now the San Antonio Spurs are leading the Southwest Division. That’s no guarantee they’re going to win it. The Houston Rockets or New Orleans Hornets are right in the thick of things. The most competitive division in the NBA, period.

Northwest Division – The Denver Nuggets hold a slim lead here and it looks to me like they’ll play that into a crown. The Portland Trailblazers and the Utah Jazz have qualified for their NBA Playoff tickets but I’m doubtful either of them can overcome a 4-game or 5-game deficit.

Pacific Division – The Los Angeles Lakers are priming up for another run at the NBA Championship. They’ll have to get through some tough competition first, the toughest most likely coming from the Southwest Division via the Spurs. The big danger is that they’ll listen to the hype about a Celtics – Lakers matchup again, and forget to win the Western Conference by overlooking their opponent.  


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