NBA Playoff Tickets – Miami Heat Dominance, Love to Hate the Heat

by on May 15, 2013 updated May 15, 2013


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NBA Playoff tickets have been holding out the hope for the Miami Heat to win another NBA Championship. Which of course is totally unfair for every other team in the NBA. But then again it’s hard not to understand why this is happening. To have one team, in this case the Miami Heat, be an overwhelming favorite in the league is quite simply very good for the NBA. It gives one group of fans high expectations. That group of course would be Miami Heat fans. But it also provides a valuable focal point for the rest of the NBA.

In short, having Miami running wild in the polls also energizes the rest of the NBA in a very peculiar way. In short, it gives every other group of NBA fans someone to hate. Think about it. The Miami Heat are the biggest draw on the circuit in the regular season. Not because they are loved but because everyone wants to see them go down. So what do you do? You buy tickets when the Miami Heat come to your town. One, because of the star attraction. Two, because you’re hoping against hope that your favorite NBA team will be the one to knock them off their pedestal.

Nowhere was this more evident than in Chicago where the Bulls happened to be the team to end the long winning streak Miami pulled off this season. That one victory elevated the hopes of every NBA fan in Chicago. Not to mention the rest of the country. When the Bulls pulled off a victory in Game 1 of the series against Miami, and did it in Miami, some folks out there were licking their chops, hoping to see the Heat take a dive. It didn’t happen. Miami now leads 3-1 and Chicago probably won’t come back. They may win Game 5 but the series? Not likely. But you see that’s what teams that everybody loves to hate will do. Make you hate them more. Which is good for the NBA.

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