NBA Playoff Tickets Hit the Box Office _ Eastern Conference.

by on April 16, 2009 updated April 16, 2009

 All the results are in and NBA Playoff tickets can be winging their way into your pocket in days. From my perspective things will be getting off to a slow start with some obvious domination in the cards. For instance, who can really believe that the Detroit Pistons, with a sub-.500 record, can really match up against the Cleveland Cavaliers? Miracles happen but you won’t profit consistently from betting on long shots.

 The Boston Celtics will be meeting up with the Chicago Bulls in the 1st Round, again a matchup that leans heavily toward the defending champions.

 Gamers will be looking for the Orlando Magic to prove they belong in the same sentance with the Cavs and Celtics. A strong performance, preferably a sweep, could give them some momentum.

 Atlanta Hawks and Miami Heat, well, someone has to advance into Round 2 and anything can happen. Enjoy your playoff tickets and remember, if you’re in the show you’re in the running.


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